Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Snapshot Tutorial
• The initial factory default image size setting is 10M (10 million pixels).
• Selecting 3:2 records images with an aspect ratio of 3:2, which matches the 
standard aspect ratio of print paper.
• The letters “HDTV” stand for “High Definition Television”. An HDTV screen has an 
aspect ratio of 16:9, which makes them wider than the usual 4:3 aspect ratio of 
television screens of the past. Your camera can record images that are compatible 
with the aspect ratio an HDTV screen.
• You should regard the print paper sizes suggested here as guidelines only (200 dpi 
print resolution).
• You can shoot directly to RAW image data only while the t (Single Shot) is 
selected with the Mode dial and “RAW+” is selected as the image size.
• Available image sizes are limited for some functions as noted below.
* Applicable BEST SHOT scenes: “Move In CS”, “Move Out CS”, “High Speed 
Anti Shake”, “High Speed Night Scene”, “High Speed Night Scene and Portrait”, 
“Multi-motion Image”, “High Speed Best Selection”, “Lag Correction”, “High 
Speed Lighting”, “Expression CS”, “Baby CS”, “Child CS”, “Pet CS”, “Sports CS”
This option cannot be selected in the High Speed CS, Normal Speed CS, 
or Flash CS modes, or when using a BEST SHOT scene. Switching to 
the High Speed CS, Normal Speed CS, or Flash CS mode, or selecting a 
BEST SHOT scene while “RAW+” is selected will cause the image size 
setting to change to “9M” in the case of High Speed CS, Flash CS, and a 
BEST SHOT scene, or “10M” in the case of Normal Speed CS.
This option cannot be selected in the High Speed CS or Flash CS 
modes, or when using some BEST SHOT scenes.* Switching to the High 
Speed CS or Flash CS mode, or selecting some BEST SHOT scenes* 
while the “10M”, “3:2”, or “16:9” image size is selected will cause the 
image size setting to change to “9M” automatically. 
This option can be selected in the High Speed CS or Flash CS modes, or 
only when using some BEST SHOT scenes.* Switching to another mode 
from the High Speed CS or Flash CS mode, or selecting some BEST 
SHOT scenes* while the “9M” image size is selected will cause the 
image size setting to change to “10M” automatically.