Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Snapshot Tutorial
• The camera will not release the shutter unless the flash unit is raised when any one 
of the following conditions exists. Be sure to raise the flash unit whenever shooting 
with flash is required.
– When shooting with Flash CS, which requires the flash to fire
– When < (Flash On) is selected for the flash mode
– When > (Auto Flash) or ¥ (Red-Eye Reduction) is selected for the flash mode 
and the camera judges that flash is required
• Take care to ensure nothing is close to or in contact with the flash unit when it fires. 
Also make sure that the flash unit and the area around it is not dirty. Objects, dust, 
or dirt near the flash unit can be burned when the flash fires.
• Take care so your fingers and the strap do not block the flash.
• The desired effect may not be obtained when the subject is too far away or too 
• Flash charging time depends on operating conditions (battery condition, ambient 
temperature, etc.). With new batteries it takes about 5 seconds.
• Flash charging time and operation are affected by the remaining battery capacity.
The flash will take longer than normal to charge if it is being used when the battery 
level indicator is showing 
 while “Alkaline” is selected for the “Battery 
Type” setting (page 19).
 indicates that the flash is disabled. Replace batteries as soon as possible.
• Shooting with flash turned off when lighting is dim results in a slow shutter speed, 
which can cause image blur due to camera movement. Under such conditions, 
secure the camera with a tripod, etc.
• With red eye reduction, the flash is fired automatically in accordance with 
exposure. It does not fire in areas where lighting is bright.
• The presence of outdoor sunlight, fluorescent lighting, or some other light source 
can cause abnormal image colors.
• Select 
 (Flash Off) for the flash setting when shooting in areas where flash 
photography is prohibited.
• While A, S, or M is selected for the exposure mode, the flash will not fire if > (Auto 
Flash) or ¥ (Red Eye Reduction) is selected as the flash mode. If you want the 
flash to fire, select < (Flash On) as the flash mode.