Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Snapshot Tutorial
If you hold the zoom controller towards z (Telephoto), the zoom operation will stop 
when the optical zoom factor reaches its maximum. Momentarily releasing the zoom 
controller and then holding it again towards z (Telephoto) will switch to digital 
zoom, which you can use to set an even higher zoom factor.
• If you do want to use digital zoom, change the “Digital Zoom” setting to “On” (page 
• During zoom, a zoom bar on the monitor screen shows the current zoom setting.
Optical Zoom/Digital Zoom Switch Point
Image deterioration indicator
Zoom bar
Focusing range
(Displayed for Auto Focus, Macro Focus, and Manual 
Products marketed in some geographic areas display 
inches and feet.
Focal distance
(Converted to 35 mm film format.)
20X to 114X
Undeteriorated image 
quality range
80X to 318.8X
Zoom pointer (Indicates current zoom.)
Deterioration point
Optical/digital zoom switch point
20X optical zoom point
Deteriorated image 
quality range
Undeteriorated digital zoom