Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Snapshot Tutorial
• The following functions are disabled when shooting with Super Macro.
– Zoom (both optical and digital)
– Auto Macro
– Flash
– Flash  CS
• The large zoom factor capabilities of this camera can result in images being out of 
focus if the camera is moved while shooting with fixed focus. Whenever possible, 
mount the camera on a tripod or secure it using some other means before 
focusing. If the image is out of focus, either refocus or change to manual focus 
(MF) to adjust focus as required.
Using Focus Lock
“Focus lock” is a technique you can use when you want 
to compose an image in which the subject you want to 
focus on is not within the focus frame in the center of the 
• To use focus lock, select “U Spot” or “O Tracking” 
for the Auto Focus area (page 45).
Align the monitor screen’s focus frame with 
the subject you want to focus on and then 
half-press the shutter button.
Keeping the shutter button half-pressed 
(which maintains the focus setting), move the 
camera to compose the image.
• When “O Tracking” is selected as the Auto Focus 
area, the focus frame will move automatically and 
follow the subject.
When you are ready to shoot the image, press the shutter button the 
rest of the way down.
• Focus lock also locks exposure (AE).
Subject to be focused on
Focus frame