Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Snapshot Tutorial
Set the mode dial to Õ (High Speed CS).
• This will display Z (Normal Speed CS).
Hold down the shutter button to shoot.
Images continue to be shot as long as you keep the 
shutter button depressed and there is memory 
available to store them. Releasing the shutter button 
stops shooting.
• Combining Normal Speed CS images into a CS group (page 105) manually on the 
playback screen is not supported.
• You cannot specify the number of images shot per second (fps) with Normal Speed 
• The number of images per second (fps) of Normal Speed CS varies slightly 
depending on the type of memory card you are using and its current condition 
(remaining capacity, fragmentation state, etc.).
• You cannot use Normal Speed CS in combination with Prerecord CS.
• You cannot use the flash with Normal Speed CS.
• You cannot use the Triple Self-timer in combination with Normal Speed CS.
With High Speed CS, you can configure the camera to shoot at a speed of 1, 3, 5, 10, 
15, 30, or 40 images per second, as long as you keep the shutter button and there is 
memory available to store the images. With Prerecord CS, half-pressing the shutter 
button starts continual pre-recording of images to a temporary buffer. Then when you 
press the shutter button the rest of the way down, the camera stores what is currently 
in the buffer and starts real-time continuous shutter recording of new images. Real-
time recording continues until you release the shutter button or until a total of up to 30 
images (buffer images plus new images) are recorded. You can configure Prerecord 
CS to specify how many of the 30 images are recorded in the buffer and how many 
are recorded after you fully press the shutter button. Use Prerecord CS when you 
want to make sure you do not miss fast-moving action.
Using High Speed CS and Prerecord CS
Normal Speed CS icon