Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Snapshot Tutorial
Press [SET] to apply the setting.
Select & Save
After continuous shutter shooting is finished, the shot images are played back 
at slow speed so you can select the images you want to save.
• When shooting with Prerecord CS, the first image saved when you press the 
shutter all the way is indicated by an “S” mark so you can tell where the 
continuous shutter operation started.
While the shot images are playing back and an image 
appears that you want to save, press the shutter 
button. Each image that you select by pressing the 
shutter button will have a mark appended to it.
After selecting all of the images you want to save, 
press [MENU].
Use [8] and [2] to select the save method you want and then press [SET].
Always Ask
After continuous shutter shooting is finished, a prompt appears allowing you to 
select Normal (Batch) or Select & Save.
Select the save method you want to use and then press [SET].
Buttons Used for Image Selection
[4] [6]
During playback, these buttons change the playback direction 
and playback speed.
While playback is paused, these buttons scroll forward or back.
Toggles between pause and play.
Press all the way down to select an image for saving.
Saves the selected images and exits the image select 
Save All
: Saves all the images.
Save Selected : Saves selected images.
: Returns to image selection.
Cancel Save : Does not save any of the images.
Save Selected : Saves selected images.
Save All
: Saves all the images.
Cancel Save : Does not save any of the images.