Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Snapshot Tutorial
• If there is not enough available capacity on the memory card, you may not be able 
to record the number of CS images indicated on the monitor screen. Make sure 
your memory card has sufficient remaining capacity before shooting with using 
continuous shutter.
• With continuous shutter, exposure and focus for the first image are applied for 
successive images as well.
• When using a continuous shutter mode, keep the camera still until shooting is 
• In the Continuous Shutter mode except the Flash CS mode, the flash setting 
automatically becomes ? (Flash Off).
• Zoom is disabled during continuous shutter operations.
• The following image sizes cannot be selected while shooting with High Speed CS 
or Flash CS: “RAW+”, “10M”, “3:2”, “16:9”. Entering the High Speed CS or Flash 
CS mode while any one of these image sizes is selected will cause the image size 
setting to change to “9M” automatically.
• The “RAW+” image size setting cannot be selected while shooting with Normal 
Speed CS. Entering the Normal Speed CS mode while the “RAW+” image size is 
selected will cause the image size setting to change to “10M”.
• The maximum number of images that can be recorded during each High Speed CS 
or Flash CS session is limited, regardless of how much memory card storage 
capacity is available.
The number of images will be restricted even further or shooting may be impossible 
when remaining memory card capacity is less than the allowable number of images 
for a particular CS mode.
• The Triple Self-timer cannot be used in the Normal Speed CS, High Speed CS, and 
Flash CS.
• The Self-timer cannot be used in the Prerecord CS mode.
• When the flash is fired for Flash CS, the greater the number of images setting, the 
smaller the flash range (shooting range).
• With some BEST SHOT scenes, the current mode dial setting is ignored.
• When using Prerecord CS, if you release the half-pressed shutter button before 
pressing it the rest of the way down, all of the pre-recorded images currently in the 
buffer will be deleted.
Continuous Shutter Precautions
High Speed CS
Up to 30 images
Flash CS with flash
Up to 3 to 10 images