Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Recording Movies
Your camera has a built-in microphone that can be used to record audio (monaural) 
during movie recording.
Recording Precautions
The camera also records audio. Note the following points 
when shooting a movie.
– Take care that the microphone is not blocked by your 
fingers, etc.
– Good audio recording results are not possible when the 
camera is too far away from what you are trying to record.
– Operating camera buttons while shooting can cause button noise to be picked 
up in the audio.
• When “HD/STD” is selected as the movie mode, turning optical zoom on or off also 
turns audio recording on or off. Audio recording is turned off while optical zoom is 
turned on, and turned on while optical zoom is turned off. The optical zoom on/off 
operation is performed using the control panel. Note that lens operation noise may 
be picked up in audio recordings.
• When shooting with the “HS” movie mode at a frame rate setting of “30-120 fps” or 
“30-240 fps”, audio is recorded only while the camera is shooting at 30 fps. Audio is 
not recorded at any other frame rates.
• Continuous Auto Focus is performed during movie recording when optical zoom is 
turned on while “HD/STD” is selected as the movie mode, regardless of the current 
Continuous AF setting. If optical zoom is turned off, continuous Auto Focus is not 
performed during movie recording, regardless of the current Continuous AF setting.
• When “HD/STD” is selected as the movie mode and optical zoom is turned off, you 
can readjust focus while movie recording is in progress by half pressing the shutter 
button. Note, however, that noise produced by the lens operation will be picked up 
in the audio recording.
• Focus is fixed during movie recording when “HS” is selected as the movie mode.
• Spending a long time using movie recording will cause the camera to become 
slightly warm to the touch. This is normal and does not indicate malfunction.
• The zoom bar is not displayed while movie recording is in progress.
• Use of certain types of memory cards slows down data transfer and increases the 
time it takes to record movie data, which can result in movie frames being dropped. 
The Y indicator on the monitor screen turns yellow to indicate that frames are 
being dropped. In order to avoid problems such as these, use of an Ultra High 
Speed Type SD memory card is recommended. Note, however that CASIO makes 
no guarantees about the operation of any Ultra High Speed Type SD memory card 
used with this camera.