Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Press the shutter button to start shooting.
Using the Scene Information Screen
To find out more about a scene, select it with the boundary 
on the scene menu and then slide the zoom controller in 
either direction.
• To return to the scene menu, slide the zoom controller 
• To scroll between scenes, use [
] and [
• To configure the camera with the settings for the currently 
selected scene, press [SET]. Pressing [BS] again will display text that explains the 
settings configured by the selected scene.
BEST SHOT Precautions
• BEST SHOT scene images were not shot using this camera.
• Images shot using a BEST SHOT scene may not produce the results you expected 
due to shooting conditions and other factors.
• You can modify the camera settings that are configured after you select a BEST 
SHOT scene. Note, however, that the BEST SHOT settings revert to their defaults 
when you select another BEST SHOT scene or turn off the camera.
• The mode dial’s settings are ignored when some BEST SHOT scenes are 
• The “RAW+”, “10M”, “3:2”, “16:9” image sizes cannot be selected while shooting 
with some BEST SHOT scenes.* Selecting some BEST SHOT scenes* while any 
one of these image sizes is selected will cause the image size setting to change to 
“9M” automatically.
* “High Speed Anti Shake”, “High Speed Night Scene”, “High Speed Night Scene 
and Portrait”, “Move Out CS”, “Move In CS”, “Multi-motion Image”, “High Speed 
Best Selection”, “Lag Correction”, “High Speed Lighting”, “Expression CS”, 
“Baby CS”, “Child CS”, “Pet CS”, “Sports CS”
• The self-timer is disabled when some BEST SHOT scenes are being used.