Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

With High Speed Night Scene and High Speed Night Scene and Portrait, the camera 
detects automatically whether it is being hand-held or on a tripod. If the camera 
detects it is being hand-held, pressing the shutter button will record a series of 
images and combine them in a way that minimizes image blur due to low light 
conditions. If the camera detects it is on a tripod, it will shoot a single image using a 
longer exposure time (instead of shooting and combining multiple images), which 
results in an even clearer image. The flash is always disabled while “High Speed 
Night Scene” is selected. If the night scene image you are shooting includes people, 
use the “High Speed Night Scene and Portrait” BEST SHOT scene. The flash mode 
setting becomes > (Auto Flash) when shooting with “High Speed Night Scene and 
In the REC mode, press [BS].
Select “High Speed Night Scene” or “High Speed Night Scene and 
Portrait” and then press [SET].
When you are ready to shoot, press the shutter button.
• After you press the shutter button, the message “Busy... Please wait...” will 
appear on the monitor screen to indicate that recording is in progress. Keep the 
camera still while this message is displayed. The recording process takes 
some time to complete after the message appears.
• When holding the camera by hand while shooting with these BEST SHOT scenes, 
make sure that the subjects remain as still as possible as the camera shoots the 
series of images.
• The current mode dial setting is ignored when recording with this BEST SHOT 
• Shooting with this BEST SHOT scene makes the shooting range narrower than 
• Movement while the camera is mounted on a tripod may cause the camera to 
erroneously judge it is being hand held.
• For handheld shooting under very dark conditions, this BEST SHOT scene may not 
be able to produce the exposure level required for a clear image. Use of a tripod 
under very dark conditions is recommended.
• When shooting with these BEST SHOT scenes, the “ISO Sensitivity” setting is fixed 
at “AUTO”.
Shooting with High Speed Night Scene 
(High Speed Night Scene/High Speed Night Scene and