Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

• Multi-motion will not operate correctly if you shake or move the camera along with 
the movement of the subject.
• If an error message appears on the monitor screen, either secure the camera so it 
does not move or shoot against a different type of background.
• If not enough CS images are recorded, an error will be displayed before the 
camera starts to place the isolated subject onto the stationary background. This 
can be caused if you release the shutter button too soon when recording the 
moving subject. Keep the shutter button fully depressed long enough to allow 
recording of more images.
• Choose a shooting angle so the colors, shapes, and patterns of the moving subject 
and the background are as different as possible.
• Avoid a shooting angle where the background is monotone or mono-pattern (such 
as a clear blue sky).
• The camera may not be able to compose the final image if the intervals between 
movements are so narrow the subject shots overlap. If this happens, increase the 
interval by using the control panel to select a slower “High Speed CS fps” setting 
(page 60).
With High Speed Best Selection, the camera automatically shoots a series of images, 
and selects the best one based on facial image blur, and facial expression (whether 
the subject is smiling or blinking).
In the REC mode, press [BS].
Select “High Speed Best Selection” and then press [SET].
Press the shutter button to shoot.
• This will cause the message “Busy... Please wait...” to appear. Do not move 
the camera while this message is displayed. The recording process takes 
some time to complete after the message appears.
Shooting with Priority on Subject Faces 
(High Speed Best Selection)