Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

• Except for 
 (Flash CS), the current mode dial setting is ignored and the camera 
enters the CS mode when shooting with these BEST SHOT scenes. The Flash CS 
mode is enabled only when the mode dial is set to 
 (Flash CS). In this case, the 
camera uses the “Flash CS fps” and “Flash CS Images” settings that were 
configured for the Flash CS settings before the BEST SHOT scene was selected 
(page 56). Note, however, that the A, S, and M exposure modes cannot be used.
• The current “CS” setting (“High Speed CS” or “Normal Speed CS”) is applied. 
Precautions and control panel operations are the same as those that apply to High 
Speed CS (page 58) and Normal Speed CS (page 57).
• When using High Speed CS, Prerecord CS (pre-recording of images before the 
shutter button is full-pressed) is not performed if you full-press the shutter button 
without half-pressing first. Whenever possible, be sure to half-press the shutter 
button, compose the image, and then full-press the shutter button.
The High Speed Movie capabilities of the camera provide you with a variety of BEST 
SHOT options to suite exactly the type of image you are trying to record.
In the REC mode, press [BS].
Select the BEST SHOT scene you want to use and then press [SET].
• You also can change the frame rate, if you want (page 68).
Using the Situation-specific High Speed Movie Scenes
Scene Name
Frame Rate
Child High Speed Movie
120 fps
Pet High Speed Movie
240 fps
Sports High Speed Movie
420 fps