Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Advanced Settings
• “A Camera AS” only can be selected while recording with High Definition (HD) 
and Standard (STD) movie.
• The ISO sensitivity setting (page 42) must be “AUTO” for “S Image AS” to work.
• Anti Shake is not supported while recording with High Speed Movie.
• Shooting while “D Auto” or “S Image AS” is selected can cause an image to 
appear somewhat coarser than normal and can cause slight deterioration of image 
• Anti Shake may not be able to eliminate the effects of camera or subject movement 
when movement is severe.
• “A Camera AS” may not work properly when the camera is mounted on a tripod. 
Either turn off Anti Shake or select “S Image AS”.
• When the image size setting is “RAW+” (page 39), this setting becomes “A 
Camera AS” when the Anti Shake setting is “D Auto”, and “Off” when the Anti 
Shake setting is “S Image AS”.
• You can configure different Anti Shake settings for snapshots and movies (except 
for High Speed Movie).
[r] (REC) * [MENU] * REC Tab * Face Detection
When shooting people, the face detection feature detects the faces of up to ten 
individuals and adjusts focus and brightness accordingly.
Use [8] and [2] to select “On” and then press [SET].
Point the camera at the subject(s).
The camera will detect human faces and display a 
frame around each one.
Half-press the shutter button.
The camera will focus and the frames around the 
faces it focuses on will turn green.
Press the shutter button the rest of the way down.
Shooting with Face Detection (Face Detection)