Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Advanced Settings
Tips for Best Face Detection Results
• The camera performs center focus if it cannot detect a face.
• Always make sure that Auto Focus (AF) is selected as the focus mode when 
shooting with face detection.
• Detection of the following types of faces is not supported.
– A face that is obstructed by hair, sunglasses, a hat, etc., or a face in dark shade
– A profile or a face that is at an angle
– A face that is very far away and small, or very close and large
– A face in an area that is very dark
– A face of a pet or some other non-human subject
• Face detection cannot be used in combination with any of the following features.
– Some BEST SHOT scenes (Move Out CS, Move In CS, Multi-motion Image)
– Movie Mode (Including some BEST SHOT scenes that support High Speed 
Movie recording)
– High Speed CS with Prerecord CS (Including some BEST SHOT scenes that 
support High Speed CS recording)
• “Face Detection” works only when Auto Focus is selected as the focus mode. It is 
disabled in all other focus modes selected with @ (Focus).
[r] (REC) * [MENU] * REC Tab * Continuous AF
When shooting a snapshot while “On” is selected for Continuous AF, Auto Focus is 
performed and focusing is continually updated until you half-press the shutter button.
• Continuous Auto Focus is performed during movie recording when optical zoom is 
turned on while “HD/STD” is selected as the movie mode, regardless of the current 
Continuous AF setting. If optical zoom is turned off, continuous Auto Focus is not 
performed during movie recording, regardless of the current Continuous AF setting.
• Before you half-press the shutter button, the camera focuses at the center of the 
screen. If “— Free” is selected for the “AF Area” setting (page 45) when you half-
press the shutter button, focusing is performed for the area specified by “— Free”. 
If “Face Detection” is turned on, focusing is performed in the area where a face is 
Shooting with Continuous Auto Focus (Continuous AF)