Canon E1 User Manual (en)

Uses a powerful 3x optical and 3.6x digital zoom to 
get you in close to your subjects.
Automatically selects one or more
focusing points based on the
position of the subject within the
frame, so off-centre subjects can
be brought into focus.
Works in conjunction with iSAPS technology to quickly 
and accurately achieve autofocus under 
a wide variety of shooting conditions.
You don’t need a computer to print with the PowerShot A80. 
You can print on the spot using Canon’s Direct Print function. 
Simply connect the camera to a Canon Direct Printer, 
select your image and print.
The PowerShot A80 is also PictBridge compatible, 
this enables all photo printers that support PictBridge 
to connect to the PowerShot A80.
When it comes to storing 
images, emailing them to 
friends and selecting your 
favourites for printing, 
ZoomBrowser EX handles 
it all with ease. Just connect your PowerShot A80 to your
computer and ZoomBrowser EX will automatically launch.
Downloading your images is a breeze.
Lets you create electronic 
photo albums, complete 
with captions, for printing 
or saving.
Creates seamless panoramas 
from multiple images taken 
in PhotoStitch mode.
2 Select
3 Print
1 Connect