Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

Live View Shooting Cautions
Notes About the Shooting Results
When you shoot with the Live View function at high ISO speeds, noise 
(horizontal banding, dots of light, etc.) or irregular colors may appear.
When you shoot continuously with the Live View function for a long 
period, the camera’s internal temperature may increase and it can 
degrade image quality. Terminate Live View shooting when not shooting 
Before taking a long exposure, stop Live View shooting temporarily and 
wait several minutes before shooting. This is to prevent image 
When you playback an image shot at high ISO speeds, noise or irregular 
colors may appear.
If you take the picture during magnified view, the exposure might not 
come out as desired. Return to the normal view before taking the picture. 
During the magnified view, the shutter speed and aperture will be 
displayed in red. Even if you take the picture during magnified view, the 
image will be captured in the normal view.
Custom Function Notes
During Live View shooting, certain Custom Function settings will be 
disabled (p.205-207).
If [8C.Fn II -4: Auto Lighting Optimizer] (p.81) is set to a setting other 
than [3: Disable], the image may look bright even if manual exposure, 
exposure compensation, or flash exposure compensation has been set 
to make the exposure darker.
Notes About Lenses and Flash
The focus preset feature on super telephoto lenses cannot be used.
FE lock and modeling flash will not work if an external Speedlite is used.