Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

During movie shooting, you can still set the menu options. Movie 
shooting functions are listed below.
Under the [6] tab with the [Live View/
Movie func. set.
] screen, you can set 
the following functions.
AF mode (p.131-137)
You can select [Live mode], [u Live mode], or [Quick mode]. 
Note that the camera cannot focus a moving subject 
Grid display
With [Grid 1l] or [Grid 2m], you can display grid lines. You can 
check the camera tilt before shooting.
Movie-recording size
You can select the movie’s image size [****x****] and frame rate [9] 
(frames recorded per second). 9 (frame rate) displayed on the 
[Movie rec. size] screen switches automatically depending on the 
[6 Video system] setting.
• Image size
[1920x1080] : Full HD (Full High-Definition) recording quality.
: HD (High-Definition) recording quality.
: Standard recording quality. The screen format 
will be 4:3.
• Frame rate (fps: frames per second)
[6] [8] : For areas where the TV format is NTSC (North 
America, Japan, Korea, Mexico, etc.).
[5] [7] : For areas where the TV format is PAL (Europe, 
Russia, China, Australia, etc.).
: Mainly for motion pictures.
* The actual frame rate (fps) will be: 6: 29.97, 5: 25.00, 4: 23.976, 
: 59.94, 7: 50.00
 Menu Function Settings