Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

You can magnify the image by 1.5x to 10x on the LCD monitor.
Magnify the image.
During image playback, press the 
<u> button.
The image will be magnified.
If you hold down the <u> button, the 
image will continue to be magnified until 
it reaches the maximum magnification.
To reduce the magnification, press 
the <y> button. If you hold down the 
button, the magnification will continue 
to reduce to the single image display.
Scroll around the image.
Use <9> to scroll around the 
magnified image.
To exit the magnified display, press the <x> 
button and the single image display will return. 
Magnified View’s Starting Position
Normally, the magnified view starts at the image center. When the [4 
Enlarge display] menu option is set to [Enlarge from selected AF 
], the magnified view starts at the selected AF point. This is 
convenient for quickly checking the focus.
u/y Magnified View
Magnified area position
While in the magnified view, you can keep the same magnified area and 
magnification when you turn the <5> dial to view another image.
In the case of images shot with automatic AF point selection or with 
manual focus <g>, the magnification will start at the image center.
Magnified view is not possible during the image review immediately after 
the image is taken.
With [Enlarge from selected AF point]
• The starting magnification varies depending on the image size that was set.
• If C.Fn III -8-1/2/3 is set, the focusing point area will be expanded and the 
magnified view starts from the AF point that actually achieved focus. Therefore, 
the view may not be magnified from the manually-selected AF point.
A movie cannot be magnified.