Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

With a PictBridge printer, you can easily 
print images with DPOF.
Prepare to print.
See page 190. Follow the “Connecting the Camera to a Printer” 
procedure up to step 5.
Under the [3] tab, select [Print order].
Select [Print].
[Print] will be displayed only if the camera is connected to the
printer and printing is possible.
Set the [Paper settings]. 
Set the printing effects (p.194) if necessary.
Select [OK].
W Direct Printing with DPOF
Before printing, be sure to set the paper size.
Certain printers cannot imprint the file No.
If [Bordered] is set, certain printers might imprint the date on the border.
Depending on the printer, the date might look light if it is imprinted on a 
bright background or on the border.
Under [Adjust levels], [Manual] cannot be selected.
If you stopped the printing and want to resume printing the remaining 
images, select [Resume]. Note that printing will not resume if you stop 
the printing and any of the following occurs:
• Before resuming the printing, you changed the print order or deleted 
print-ordered images.
• When you set the index, you changed the paper setting before resuming the printing.
• When you paused the printing, the card’s remaining capacity was low.
If a problem occurs during printing, see page 198.