Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

Custom Function Settings
C.Fn IV -13     Timer length for timer
How long the function setting remains in effect after you let go of the 
respective button can be changed.
Disable: The timer length is set to the default.
Enable: The timer length is set to the time set with [Register].
Register: You can set the 6-sec. and 16-sec. timer length and the timer 
length after the shutter release. The timer length can be set to 0 
sec. to 59 sec. or 1 min. to 60 min. After entering the settings, 
select [Apply].
• 6 sec. timer
This timer length will apply to the AE lock started with the 
metering timer/<A> button.
• 16 sec. timer
This timer length will apply to multi-spot metering and FE lock 
with the <I> button.
• Timer after release
Normally, the timer length is 2 sec. after the shutter release. A 
longer timer length will make it easier to keep using AE lock for 
the same exposure.
C.Fn IV -14     Shortened release time lag
Normally, stabilization control is executed for the shutter-release time lag. 
This stabilization control can be omitted to make the shutter-release time 
lag shorter.
0: Disable
1: Enable
When the aperture is stopped down to no more than 3 stops from the 
maximum aperture, the shutter-release time lag will be as much as 
approx. 20% shorter than normal.