Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

 Saving and Loading Camera Settings
Shooting functions
Shooting mode + setting, ISO speed, AF mode, AF point, Metering 
mode, Drive mode, Exposure compensation amount, Flash 
exposure compensation amount
Menu functions
[1] White balance, Custom WB registration, WB SHIFT/BKT, 
Color space, Picture Style, Peripheral illumination correction
[2] JPEG quality, Image size, Review time, Beep, Release 
shutter without card, External Speedlite control (Flash 
function settings)
Highlight alert, AF point display, Histogram, Enlarge display, 
Image jump w/6
Auto power off, Record func+media/folder sel. (Recording 
function), File numbering, File name setting, Auto rotate
LCD brightness, Live View/Movie function setting
Sensor cleaning (Auto cleaning)
Custom Functions
My  Menu
In step 2, select [Load]. Up to ten camera settings files saved in the 
card will be displayed. When you select the desired file, it will be loaded 
and the settings will be applied to the camera.
Saved Settings
Loading Camera Settings
The date/time, language, video system, and C.Fn I -16, C.Fn I -17, C.Fn 
III -7, C.Fn IV -12 settings will not be saved.
Up to ten camera settings files can be saved in a card. If the card already 
has ten camera settings files, you can either overwrite an existing file or 
use another card.
Camera settings files saved with a camera other than the EOS-1D Mark 
IV cannot be loaded.