Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

With [8C.Fn II -10: INFO. button when shooting] (p.217) set to [1: 
Displays camera settings
], pressing the <B> button while the 
camera is ready to shoot will display image-related function settings.
Display the camera settings.
While the camera is ready to shoot, 
press the <B> button.
* Displayed only if Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 II A/B/C/D or WFT-E2/E2A is 
used and the transfer of some images failed.
B Checking Camera Settings
Date/Time (p.49)
WB correction (p.79)/
BKT setting (p.80)
Picture Style (p.66)
Color space (p.92)
Auto rotate display (p.182)
File name setting (p.86)
Picture Style parameters (p.67)
Number of possible shots for f CF card and g SD card (p.61)
AF Microadjustment (p.221)
FE Microadjustment 
Transfer of images failed*
AE Microadjustment 
As the default setting, when you press the <B> button, the shooting 
function settings will be displayed (p.23).