Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

You can check the battery’s condition on a menu screen.
Select [Battery info.].
Under the [6] tab, select [Battery 
], then press <0>.
 Checking the Battery Information
The model of the battery or household 
power source (sold separately) being 
used is displayed.
Next to the battery check (p.35), the 
remaining battery capacity is 
displayed in 1% increments.
Shots taken with the current battery. 
The number is reset when the battery 
is recharged.
Battery’s recharge performance level is displayed in 
one of three levels (p.29).
   (Green): Battery’s recharge performance is
   (Green): Battery’s recharge performance is 
slightly degraded.
   (Red): Purchasing a new battery is recommended.
Do not use any battery other than Battery Pack LP-E4. Otherwise, the 
camera’s full performance may not be attained or malfunction may result.
The shutter count is the number of still photos taken. (Movies are not 
If [Calibration is recommended when charging battery next time] is 
displayed, see page 30.
If you set the power switch to <1/J> and communication with the 
battery is faulty for some reason, [Cannot communicate with battery
will be displayed. Select [OK] and you can continue shooting. In such a 
case, the <
> battery check icon will light on the top LCD panel.