Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

Troubleshooting Guide
If you use a card which already has images recorded, the file 
numbering might start from the last image in the card (p.88).
The correct date and time has not been set (p.49).
Make sure the stereo AV cable or HDMI cable’s plug is connected all 
the way in (p.170, 171).
Set the video OUT format (NTSC/PAL) to the same video format as 
the TV (p.170).
Use the stereo AV cable that came with the camera (p.170).
Set [8C.Fn IV -9: H button function] to [2: Play memo (hold: 
Record memo)
] (p.175, 231).
If you selected [Clean nowf], the shutter will make a noise three 
times (p.184).
What is displayed on the screen differs depending on the printer. This 
instruction manual lists all the printing effects available (p.194).
The file numbering does not start from 0001.
The shooting date and time displayed is incorrect.
No image appears on the TV screen.
The voice memo cannot be played.
Sensor Cleaning Problems
The shutter makes a noise during sensor cleaning.
Printing-Related Problems
There are fewer printing effects than listed in the instruction manual.