Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

Basic Operation
Before using the <
> dial, set the power switch to <J>.
After pressing a button, turn the 
5> dial.
When you press a button, its function remains 
selected for 6 seconds (9). During this 
time, you can turn the <
> dial to set the 
desired setting. When the function selection 
turns off or if you press the shutter button 
halfway, the camera will be ready to shoot.
Use the dial to select or set the shooting mode, 
drive mode, flash exposure compensation, AF 
point, ISO speed, Picture Style, exposure 
compensation when the <
> button is 
pressed, image size, white balance, etc.
Turn the <5> dial only.
While looking at the viewfinder or top LCD panel, 
turn the <
> dial to set the desired setting.
Use this dial to set the exposure 
compensation amount, aperture setting for 
manual exposures, selecting an AF point, etc.
The camera bottom has vertical-grip buttons and a dial (p.16, 17).
Before using the vertical grip’s buttons and dial, 
set the vertical-grip ON/OFF switch to <1>.
When not using the vertical shooting 
controls, set the switch to <2> to 
prevent accidental operation.
 Making Selections with the Quick Control Dial
Vertical Shooting
You can do step (1) even when the power switch is set to <1>.