Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

This Instruction Manual assumes that a CF card or SD card is in the 
camera. When an external media is used via the Wireless File 
Transmitter WFT-E2 II A/B/C/D or WFT-E2/E2A (both sold separately), 
the <
u> icon will appear as the third recording media. It can be 
selected in the same way as with the CF card <
f> and SD card <g>.
If either a CF card or an SD card is in the camera, the card to 
record images will be selected automatically.
If both the CF and SD cards are in the camera, you can select the card 
for recording or playing images as follows:
Press the <B> button. 
Press the <B> button once or 
twice to display the card and image 
size on the rear LCD panel.
Select the card.
Turn the <6> dial to select the card 
for recording images.
: Record to CF card
: Record to SD card
Turn the <5> dial to select the 
image size (p.59).
You can also use the [5 Record func+media/folder sel.] menu’s [Record/
] ([Playback]) option to select the card. Depending on the [Record func.
(p.57) setting, the operation selected here will have a different function.
[Standard] [Auto switch media]
The operation explained on this page selects the card for recording 
and playing back images.
[Rec. separately] [Rec. to multiple]
The captured image is recorded to the CF card and SD card 
simultaneously. In this case, the operation explained on this page 
selects the card for playing back images.
Selecting the Card to Record or Playback
Card/Image size z WB
 Card Selection and Recording and Playback