Canon MARK IV User Manual (en)

 Changing the File Name
Exit the setting.
Enter the required number of 
alphanumeric characters, then press 
the <M> button.
The new file name will be registered 
and the screen in step 2 will reappear.
Select the registered file name.
Turn the <5> dial to select [File 
], then press <0>.
Turn the <5> dial to select the 
registered file name, then press 
If User setting2 has been registered, 
select “*** (the 3 characters 
registered) + image size”.
About User setting2
When you select the “*** + image size” registered with User setting2 and 
take pictures, the image size character will be automatically appended as 
the file name’s fourth character from the left. The meaning of the image size 
characters is as follows:
“*** L” = 3, 1 “***M” = 4, K1
“*** N” = 5
“***S” = 6, 61
When the image is transferred to a personal computer, the automatically 
appended fourth character will be included. You can then see the image size 
without having to open the image. The image type (RAW or JPEG) can be 
distinguished with the extension.
The first character cannot be an underscore “_”.
The extension will be “.JPG” for JPEG images, “.CR2” for RAW images, 
and “.MOV” for movies.
When you shoot a movie with User setting2, the file name’s fourth 
character will be an underscore “_”.