Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

k Shooting Movies
During movie shooting, do not point the lens toward the sun. The sun’s 
heat can damage the camera’s internal components.
Cautions for movie shooting are on pages 187 and 188.
If necessary, also read the Live View shooting cautions on pages 
168 and 169.
About the White < > and Red <E> Internal Temperature 
Warning Icons
If the camera’s internal temperature increases due to prolonged movie 
shooting or a high ambient temperature, a white < > icon will appear. 
Even if you shoot a movie while this icon is displayed, the movie’s image 
quality will not be affected. However, if you switch to still shooting, the 
image quality of the still photos may deteriorate. You should stop 
shooting still photos and allow the camera to cool down.
If the camera’s internal temperature further increases while the white 
< > icon is displayed, a red <E> icon will start blinking. This blinking 
icon is a warning that the movie shooting will soon be terminated 
automatically. If this happens, you will not be able to shoot again until the 
camera’s internal temperature decreases. Turn off the power and let the 
camera rest for a while.
Movie shooting at high temperature for a prolonged period will cause the 
< > and <E> icons to appear sooner. When not shooting, turn off the 
You can also focus by pressing the <p> button.
AE lock is possible by pressing the <A> button (p.122). To cancel AE 
lock during movie shooting, press the <S> button.
The ISO speed, shutter speed, and aperture are set automatically.
By turning the <5> dial, you can set exposure compensation.
Pressing the shutter button halfway displays the shutter speed and 
aperture (p.176) on the screen’s bottom left. This is the exposure setting 
for taking a still photo.