Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

k Shooting Movies
While shooting a movie, you can also 
take a still photo by pressing the shutter 
button completely.
Shooting Stills in the <k> Mode
When the movie-recording size is [1920x1080] or [1280x720], the 
aspect ratio will be 16:9. When the movie-recording size is 
[640x480], the aspect ratio will be 4:3.
If you take a still photo during movie shooting, the movie will record 
a still moment lasting approx. 1 sec.
The captured still photo will be recorded to the card, and the movie 
shooting will resume automatically when the Live View image is displayed.
The card will record the movie and still photo as separate files.
Functions particular to still shooting are shown below. Other 
functions will be the same as for movie shooting.
* The self-timer can be used before you start shooting a movie. If used during 
movie shooting, the self-timer will switch to single-image shooting.
Shooting Still Photos
Image-recording quality As set in the [1 Quality] menu.
Exposure setting
Shutter speed and aperture set automatically (or set 
manually for manual exposures).
Displayed when the shutter button is pressed 
Drive mode
All settable*
Flash off
Continuous still photo shooting is possible during movie shooting, but the 
captured images will not be displayed on the screen. Depending on the still 
photo’s image-recording quality, number of shots during continuous 
shooting, card performance, etc., movie shooting might stop automatically.