Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

The menu options under the [n], 
[o], and [Z] tabs are explained 
below. Note that the settings under the 
[n], [o], and [Z] menu tabs will 
take effect only when the Mode Dial is 
set to <k>. They will not take effect 
when the Mode Dial is set to any another 
shooting mode.
[n] Menu
Movie exposure
Normally, set this option to [Auto].
Setting [Movie exposure] to [Manual] enables you to manually set 
the ISO speed, shutter speed, and aperture for movie shooting 
AF mode
The AF modes will be the same as described on pages 160-166. 
You can select [Live mode], [u Live mode], or [Quick mode]. Note 
that continuous focusing of a moving subject is not possible.
AF with shutter button during k (movie recording)
When [Enable] is set, AF is possible during movie shooting. 
However, continuous autofocusing is not possible. If you autofocus 
during movie shooting, you might momentarily throw the focus way 
off or change the exposure.
If the AF mode is [Quick mode], AF will be executed in Live mode.
 Menu Function Settings