Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

 Processing RAW Images with the CameraN
 Color space (p.110)
You can select either sRGB or Adobe RGB. Since the camera’s LCD 
monitor is not compatible with Adobe RGB, the image will not look 
very different when either color space is set.
 Peripheral illumination correction (p.102)
You can set [Enable] or [Disable]. If [Enable] is set, the corrected 
image will be displayed. If the effect is difficult to discern, press the 
<u> button to magnify the image and look at the image corners. 
(Press the <I> button to return to the normal view.)
 Distortion correction
When [Enable] is set, image distortion caused by the lens is 
corrected. If [Enable] is set, the distortion-corrected image will be 
displayed. The correction will have the image periphery to be 
cropped. Therefore, the image will look slightly larger (It is not a 
magnified image). With Digital Photo Professional (provided 
software), you can correct the image distortion while minimizing the 
trimming of the image periphery.
Since the image resolution may look slightly lower, use the Picture 
Style’s Sharpness setting to make adjustments as necessary.