Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

 Processing RAW Images with the CameraN
 Chromatic aberration correction
When [Enable] is set, lateral chromatic aberration caused by the 
lens is corrected. If [Enable] is set, the corrected image will be 
displayed. (The image periphery will also be slightly cropped.) If the 
effect is difficult to discern, press the <u> button to magnify the 
image. (Press the <I> button to return to the normal view.) The 
chromatic aberration correction done with the camera will be less 
pronounced than with Digital Photo Professional (provided 
software). Therefore the correction might not be so noticeable. In 
such a case, use Digital Photo Professional to correct the chromatic 
aberration. Chromatic aberration refers to the inaccurate 
convergence of colors along the fringes of a subject.
The result of RAW image processed in the camera and RAW image 
processed with Digital Photo Professional does not match exactly.
Even if image verification data (p.260) is appended to the RAW image, 
the image verification data is not appended to the JPEG image after 
About peripheral illumination correction, distortion 
correction, and chromatic aberration correction
To execute peripheral illumination correction, distortion correction, and 
chromatic aberration correction with the camera, the data of the lens used 
for the shot must be registered in the camera. If the lens data has not been 
registered in the camera, use EOS Utility (provided software) to register the 
lens data.