Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

 Custom Function SettingsN
C.Fn I: Exposure
C.Fn I -1     Exposure level increments
0: 1/3-stop
1: 1/2-stop
Sets 1/2-stop increments for the shutter speed, aperture, exposure 
compensation, AEB, flash exposure compensation, etc. Effective when 
you prefer to control the exposure in less fine increments than 1/3-stop 
C.Fn I -2     ISO speed setting increments
0: 1/3-stop
1: 1-stop
C.Fn I -3     ISO expansion
0: Off
1: On
For the ISO speed, “H” (equivalent to ISO 12800) will be selectable. 
Note that if [8C.Fn II -3: Highlight tone priority] is set to [1: Enable],  
H” (equivalent to ISO 12800) cannot be set.
C.Fn I -4     Bracketing auto cancel
0: On
The AEB and WB-BKT settings will be canceled if you set the power 
switch to <2>, clear the camera settings, or switch to the movie 
mode. AEB will also be canceled when the flash is ready to fire.
1: Off
The AEB and WB-BKT settings will not be canceled even if you set the 
power switch to <2>. (If the flash is ready to fire, AEB will be 
canceled temporarily, but the AEB amount will be retained.)
With setting 1, the exposure level will be displayed in the viewfinder and on 
the LCD panel as shown below.