Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

 Custom Function SettingsN
C.Fn I -5     Bracketing sequence
The AEB shooting sequence and white balance bracketing sequence can 
be changed.
0: 0, -, +
1: -, 0, +
C.Fn I -6     Safety shift
0: Disable
1: Enable (Tv/Av)
This takes effect in the shutter-priority AE (s) and aperture-priority AE 
(f) modes. When the subject’s brightness changes erratically and the 
standard auto exposure cannot be obtained, the camera will change the 
exposure setting automatically to obtain a standard exposure.
C.Fn I -7   Flash sync. speed in Av mode
0: Auto
Normally, the sync speed will be set automatically within 1/250 sec. to 
30 sec. to suit the subject brightness. High-speed sync can also take 
1: 1/250-1/60 sec. auto
When flash is used with aperture-priority AE (f), this prevents a slow 
flash-sync speed from being set automatically in low-light conditions. It 
is effective for preventing subject blur and camera shake. However, 
while the subject will be properly exposed with the flash, the background 
will come out dark.
2: 1/250 sec. (fixed)
The flash-sync speed is fixed to 1/250 sec. This more effectively 
prevents subject blur and camera shake than with setting 1. However, 
the background may come out darker than with setting 1.
WB Bracketing
B/A Direction
M/G Direction
0 : Standard exposure
0 : Standard white balance 0 : Standard white balance
- : Decreased exposure - : Blue bias
- : Magenta bias
+ : Increased exposure + : Amber bias
+ : Green bias