Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

 Custom Function SettingsN
C.Fn III -3    Superimposed display
0: On
1: Off
When focus is achieved, the AF point will not light up in red in the 
viewfinder. Set this if the AF points lighting up is too distracting.
The AF point will still light up when you select it.
C.Fn III -4     AF-assist beam firing
The AF-assist beam can be emitted by the camera’s built-in flash or by an 
external, EOS-dedicated Speedlite.
0: Enable
1: Disable
The AF-assist beam is not emitted.
2: Enable external flash only
If an external, EOS-dedicated Speedlite is attached, it will emit the AF-
assist beam when necessary. The camera’s built-in flash will not fire the 
AF-assist beam.
3: IR AF assist beam only
Among EOS-dedicated Speedlites, only those which have an infrared 
AF-assist beam will be able to emit the beam. This prevents any 
Speedlite which uses a series of small flashes (like the built-in flash) 
from firing the AF-assist beam.
If the external, EOS-dedicated Speedlite’s [AF-assist beam firing] Custom 
Function is set to [Disabled], the Speedlite will not emit the AF-assist beam 
even if the camera’s C.Fn III -4-0/2/3 is set.