Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

 Custom Function SettingsN
C.Fn IV -2     Assign SET button
You can assign a frequently-used function to <0>. Press <0> when the 
camera is shooting-ready.
0: Default (no func)
1: Image quality
Pressing <0> will display the image-recording quality setting screen on 
the LCD monitor. Select the desired image-recording quality, then press 
2: Picture Style
Pressing <0> will display the Picture Style selection screen on the 
LCD monitor. Select a Picture Style, then press <0>.
3: White balance
Pressing <0> will display the white balance selection screen on the 
LCD monitor. Select the desired white balance, then press <0>.
4: Flash exp. comp.
Pressing <0> will display the flash exposure compensation setting 
screen on the LCD monitor. Set the flash exposure compensation, then 
press <0>.
5: Viewfinder Q
Pressing <0> will display the electronic level (using the exposure level 
scale) in the viewfinder.
C.Fn IV -3     Dial direction during Tv/Av
0: Normal
1: Reverse direction
The dial’s turning direction for setting the shutter speed and aperture 
can be reversed.
In the manual exposure mode, the direction of the <6> and <5> 
dials will be reversed. In other shooting modes, the <6> dial will be 
reversed. The <5> dial’s turning direction will be the same for the 
manual exposure mode and exposure compensation.
If C.Fn III -2-1 (AF point selection method) is set, the [Assign SET button
setting will be disabled.