Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

When you press the <B> button 
while the camera is ready to shoot, you 
can display [Displays camera settings], 
[Displays shooting functions] (p.267), 
and [Electronic level] (p.127).
Under the [7] tab, the [INFO. button 
display options
] option enables you to 
select what the <B> button is to 
display when pressed.
Select the desired display option and press 
<0> to append a checkmark <X>.
After making the selection, select 
[OK], then press <0>. Note that you 
cannot remove the checkmark <X> 
for all three display options.
B Button Functions
Camera Settings
The [Displays camera settings] sample screen is displayed in English 
for all languages.
Even if you uncheck the [Electronic level] so it does not appear, it will 
still appear for Live View shooting and movie shooting.
(p.99, 100)
Shooting mode registered to 
the Mode Dial’s <w>
(p.32, 85)
Auto power off (p.50)
Red-eye reduction (p.131)