Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

Basic Operation
(1) After pressing a button, turn the 
<5> dial.
When you press a button such as <f>, 
<R>, or <i>, the respective 
function remains selected for 6 seconds 
(9). During this time, you can turn the 
> dial to set the desired setting.
When the function selection turns off or if 
you press the shutter button halfway, the 
camera will be ready to shoot.
Use this dial to select or set the AF 
mode, drive mode, ISO speed, 
metering mode, AF point, etc.
(2) Turn the <5> dial only.
While looking at the viewfinder or LCD 
panel, turn the <
> dial to set the 
desired setting.
Use this dial to set the exposure 
compensation amount, the aperture 
setting for manual exposures, etc.
In Creative Zone modes, you can set the [6 Lock 5] menu setting to 
[Enable] to prevent the Quick Control Dial from inadvertently turning 
and changing the following settings:
• Exposure compensation (When shooting mode is d/s/f.)
• Aperture setting with manual exposures
• Aperture setting with bulb exposures
With [Lock 5: Enable] set, the <R> button below the Quick 
Control Dial enables the [Lock 5] setting to be canceled temporarily 
so that you can change the settings above. Press the <R> button 
(0), then turn the <5> dial. (8 in movie mode.)
 Making Selections with the Quick Control Dial
Using the UNLOCK button