Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

Basic Operation
Use it to select the AF point, correct 
the white balance, move the AF 
frame or the magnifying frame during 
Live View shooting, or scroll over the 
image during magnified view. You can 
push it in eight directions.
For menus and the Quick Control 
screen, the Multi-controller works 
only in the <V> and <U> 
Turn on (9)/off the LCD panel 
illumination by pressing the <U> button. 
During a bulb exposure, pressing the 
shutter button completely will turn off the 
LCD panel illumination.
After you press the <B> button a number of times, the shooting 
settings will be displayed. With the shooting settings displayed, you can 
turn the Mode Dial to see the settings for each shooting mode (p.266). 
To switch to the Quick Control screen, press the <Q> button (p.44, 67). 
To turn off the display, press the <B> button.
 Operating the Multi-controller
 LCD Panel Illumination
Displaying Shooting Settings