Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

Q Using the Quick Control Screen
On the Quick Control screen, select 
the function and press <0>. The 
function’s setting screen will then 
appear (except for the shutter speed 
and aperture).
Turn the <
> or <6> dial to 
change the setting. With certain 
settings, you can also press the 
<U> key to change it.
Press <0> to finalize the setting and 
return to the Quick Control screen. 
While on the <Q>, <
>, or <
screen, you can return to the Quick 
Control screen by pressing the 
<M> button.
Quick Control Screen Nomenclature
Function Setting Display
Shutter speed (p.114)
Drive mode (p.81)
Electronic level (p.127)
AF mode (p.76)
White balance (p.96)
Shooting mode* (p.20)
Highlight tone priority* (p.255)
Auto Lighting Optimizer (p.101)
Metering mode (p.119)
AF point (p.78)
Picture Style (p.90)
Exposure compensation/
AEB setting (p.121)
Flash exposure
ISO speed (p.88)
Custom Controls
Image-recording quality 
Aperture (p.116)
Asterisked functions cannot be set with the Quick Control screen.