Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

C Creative Auto Shooting
(1) Shoot by ambience selection
You can set the ambience you want to convey in your images. Press 
the <U> key to select the desired ambience. You can also turn 
the <5> or <6> dial to select the ambience. For details, see page 
(2) Blurring/sharpening the background
If you move the index mark toward the left, the background will look 
more blurred. If you move it toward the right, the background will 
look more in focus. If you want to blur the background, see “Shooting 
Portraits” on page 62. Press the <U> key to set the desired effect. 
You can also turn the <5> or <6> dial.
Depending on the lens and shooting conditions, the background 
might not look so blurred. This setting cannot be set (grayed out) 
while the built-in flash is popped up. If flash is used, this setting will 
not be applied.
Shutter speed
Battery check
Possible shots
Maximum burst
ISO speed
Image-recording quality