Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

The <2> (Portrait) mode blurs the background to make the human 
subject stand out. It also makes skin tones and the hair look softer than 
with the <1> (Full Auto) mode.
The farther the distance between the subject and background, 
the better.
The further the distance between the subject and background, the 
more blurred the background will look. The subject will also stand 
out better in front of a plain, dark background.
Use a telephoto lens.
If you have a zoom lens, use the telephoto end to fill the frame with 
the subject from the waist up. Move in closer if necessary.
Focus the face.
Check that the AF point covering the face flashes in red.
2 Shooting Portraits
Shooting Tips
If you hold down the shutter button, you can shoot continuously to obtain 
different poses and facial expressions. (max. approx. 3 shots/sec.)
If necessary, the built-in flash will pop up automatically.