Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

Shoot by Ambience Selection
Set the ambience effect.
Press the <V> key to select the 
effect bar so that [Effect] appears on 
the bottom.
Press the <U> key to select the 
desired effect.
Take the picture.
To shoot while the Live View image is 
displayed, press the shutter button.
To return to the viewfinder image, 
press the <A> button to exit Live 
View shooting. Then press the shutter 
button completely to take the picture.
Setting the power switch to <2> or 
changing the shooting mode will 
revert the setting to [Standard 
The Live View image shown with the ambience setting applied will not 
exactly match the actual photo you take.
Using flash may minimize the ambience effect.
In bright outdoors, the Live View image you see on the screen might not 
exactly match the brightness or ambience in the actual photo you take. 
Set the [6 LCD brightness] menu to 4 and look at the Live View image 
while the screen is unaffected by outside light. 
If you don’t want the Live View image to be displayed when setting 
functions, press the <Q> button after step 1. When pressing the <Q> 
button, the Quick Control screen is displayed and you can shoot with the 
viewfinder after setting [Shoot by ambience selection] and [Shoot by 
lighting or scene