Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

Shoot by Lighting or Scene Type
Lighting or Scene Type Settings
(1) Default setting
The default setting.
(2) Daylight
For subjects under sunlight. Produces more natural-looking blue 
skies and greenery and reproduces light-colored flowers better.
(3) Shade
For subjects in the shade. Suitable for skin tones which may look too 
bluish or light-colored flowers.
(4) Cloudy
For subjects under overcast skies. Makes skin tones and 
landscapes, which may otherwise look dull on a cloudy day, look 
warmer. Also effective for light-colored flowers.
(5) Tungsten light
For subjects lit under tungsten lighting. Reduces the reddish-orange 
color cast caused by tungsten lighting.
(6) Fluorescent light
For subjects under fluorescent lighting. Suited for all types of 
fluorescent lighting.
(7) Sunset
Suitable when you want to capture the sunset’s impressive colors.