Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

 Selecting the AF Point N
Under low-light conditions, when you press the shutter button halfway, 
the built-in flash fires a brief burst of flashes. It illuminates the subject to 
enable easier autofocusing.
Maximum aperture: Up to f/5.6
With all AF points, cross-type AF sensitive to both vertical and 
horizontal lines is possible.
Maximum aperture: Up to f/2.8*
With the center AF point, high-precision, cross-type AF sensitive to both 
vertical and horizontal lines is possible. The center AF point’s sensitivity 
to vertical and horizontal lines is about twice as sensitive as the other 
AF points.
The remaining eight AF points will work as cross-type points with f/5.6 
and faster lenses.
* Except with the EF28-80mm f/2.8-4L USM and EF50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro lenses.
AF-Assist Beam with the Built-in Flash
Lens’ Maximum Aperture and AF Sensitivity
If you prefer to look at the LCD panel while selecting the AF point, see 
the illustration below.
Automatic selection 
, center 
right , 
When using an EOS-dedicated external Speedlite, if focus cannot be 
achieved with the AF-assist beam, select the center AF point.
The AF-assist beam will not be fired in the following shooting modes: 
<7> <3> <5>.
The built-in flash’s AF-assist beam is effective up to approx. 4 meters/
13.1 feet.
In Creative Zone modes when you pop-up the built-in flash with the <I> 
button, the AF-assist beam will be fired when necessary.