Canon EOS60D18135ISKIT User Manual (en)

: Setting the ISO SpeedN
If the ISO speed is set to “A”, the actual 
ISO speed to be set will be displayed 
when you press the shutter button 
halfway. As indicated below, the ISO 
speed will be set automatically to suit the 
shooting mode.
*1: Depending on the maximum ISO speed that has been set.
*2: If fill flash results in overexposure, ISO 100 or a higher ISO will be set.
*3: In the <d> and Basic Zone modes (except <6>), ISO 400 - 1600 will be set 
automatically if bounce flash is used with an external Speedlite. If the 
maximum ISO speed has been set to [400] or [800], the ISO speed will be set 
within this limit.
For Auto ISO, you can set the maximum ISO speed within ISO 400 - 
6400. If you want better image quality with less noise, set the maximum 
ISO speed to 400, 800, or 1600. If you will shoot in low light and want to 
avoid using a slow shutter speed, set the maximum ISO speed to 3200 
or 6400.
Under the [y] tab, select [ISO Auto], 
then press <0>. Select the ISO speed, 
then press <0>.
About “A” (Auto) ISO Speed
Shooting Mode
ISO Speed Setting
Automatically set within ISO 100 - 3200
Automatically set within ISO 100 - 6400
Fixed at ISO 100
Fixed at ISO 400
With flash
Fixed at ISO 400
 Setting the Maximum ISO Speed for Auto ISON