Canon EOS7DBODY User Manual (en)

The built-in flash and external Speedlite settings can be set with the 
menu. The [External flash ***] menu options for external Speedlites are 
applicable only to an attached EX-series Speedlite compatible with 
the respective functions
The setting procedure is the same as setting a camera menu function.
Select [Flash control].
Under the [1] tab, select [Flash 
], then press <0>.
The flash control screen will appear.
Normally, set this to [Enable].
If [Disable] is set, both the built-in 
flash and external Speedlite will 
not fire.
 This is useful when you only 
want to use the AF-assist beam.
The [Built-in flash func. setting] and [External flash func. setting
menus can set the functions listed on the next page. The functions 
displayed under [External flash func. setting] will vary depending on 
the Speedlite model.
Select [Built-in flash func. setting
or [External flash func. setting].
The flash functions will be displayed. 
The functions not dimmed can be 
selected and set.
 Setting the FlashN
[Flash firing]
[Built-in flash func. setting] and [External flash func. setting]