Canon EOS7DBODY User Manual (en)

 Custom Function SettingsN
C.Fn III -6   Select AF area selection mode
Make the mode selectable by selecting 
[Register], then pressing <0>.
Turn the <5> dial to select the mode to be 
used, then press <0> to append a <X> 
After making the selection, turn the <5> dial 
to select [Apply], then press <0>.
If you select [Enable] and press <0>, only 
the modes with the <X> checkmark will be 
If you select [Disable] and press <0>, the default setting will make 19 
point AF, Zone AF (Manual select), and Single point AF selectable.
C.Fn III -7     Manual AF point selection pattern
During manual AF point selection, the selection can either stop at the outer 
edge or it can go on to the opposite AF point. This is effective for all the AF 
area selection modes except for 19 point AF auto selection and Zone AF.
0: Stops at AF area edges
Convenient if you often use an AF point along the edge.
1: Continuous
Instead of stopping at the edge, the AF point selection continues to the 
opposite edge.
It is best to make the adjustment at the actual place where you will shoot. 
This will make the adjustment more precise.
With setting 2, if an Extender is used, the adjustment will be registered 
for the lens and Extender combination.
The registered AF microadjustments will be retained even if you use the 
Custom Function to clear all settings (p.204). However, the setting itself 
will be [0: Disable].
AF adjustment cannot be done during Live View shooting in Live and u 
Live modes.