Samsung 1000P User Manual (en)

Get started
  To transfer files from a PC  
Connect the frame to a PC with the supplied USB cable  
When the frame is turned off, connect it to the PC first, and then turn 
it on.
Mass Storage
When connected, ‘
Mass Storage’ will appear on the screen and 
a pop-up window will appear on the PC.
If you connect the frame to a PC while using it as a mini-monitor  
Frame Manager program. For more information, refer to the user 
manual of the Frame Manager.
Open a folder to view files.
The removable disk drive will appear as ‘
800P’ or ‘1000P’ on the 
PC. Open the drive for the corresponding model in My Computer 
and copy your photos.
Copy files from the PC to the frame or vice versa.
Some files are embedded on the frame by default. 
When there is not enough memory, delete these 
stock files. 
If your photos are large, they will consume more 
memory and the preview will play slowly. Change 
the photo resolution to 800 X 480 (for ‘800P’) 
or 1024 X 600 (for ‘1000P’). Or set the frame to 
copy and automatically resize your photos (Frame 
Transfer files from a PC  
Connected to PC USB port.
Do not insert or remove storage devices to/
from the Photo Frame while they are 
connected to the PC.
You can switch to Mini Monitor mode by 
using Frame Manager.
Mass Storage