Samsung 1000P User Manual (en)

Safety precautions
Do not drop the frame or subject the frame to any 
strong impacts. If the frame is damaged, disconnect 
the power cord and contact a dealer or an authorized 
service center.
Always unplug the power cord when cleaning the frame. 
Use only a soft, dry cloth to wipe frame. Do not expose 
the frame to any chemicals, such as waxes, benzene, 
alcohol, thinners, insecticides, air fresheners, lubricants, 
or detergents, as these may damage the frame’s finish 
and void your warranty.
Clean the product with a soft dry cloth.
Avoid cleaning the product with a flammable substance such 
as benzene or thinner or with a wet cloth. This may result in 
damage to the product.
Avoid scratching the screen with your fingernails or a sharp 
Avoid cleaning the product by spraying water onto it. If water 
enters the product, it may result in fire, electric shock or 
Avoid using a supersonic humidifier near the product. It may 
result in a white stain on the surface of the product.
Never insert any metal objects into the open parts of 
this frame, as this may result in electrical shock. Ensure 
that the power cord is completely plugged in when 
using this frame. Grasp the plug firmly when removing 
the power cord and never touch the power cord with 
wet hands.
If you notice any unusual operation, such as unusual 
sounds or burning smells coming from the frame, 
unplug it immediately and contact the dealer or an  
authorized service center.
It is not recommended to install the frame in a location 
where it will be exposed to heavy dust, high or low 
temperatures, high humidity, or chemical substances or 
where it operates continuously.
Use only properly grounded plugs and outlets when 
connecting this frame. Improper grounding may cause 
electrical shock or damage to equipment.
Keep this frame and all accessories out of the reach of 
Do not install the frame in unstable locations, such as 
improperly mounted shelves, angled surfaces, or where 
the frame may be exposed to vibration.